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Bamboo Promise / Prison Without Walls

"The Genocide that was perpetrated in Cambodia left a deep wound on my soul. This can be seen from the outside as a scar that symbolizes my survival. If someone looks deeply at this scar they would understand my story. Unless you know me you cannot see my pain so I wrote Bamboo Promise that the world could learn about the truth and perhaps that might lead to some kind of peace in the world. The lessons that we suffered through, in Cambodia, should be heeded by mankind so that this kind of tragedy never happens again. Cambodia is a country with beautiful temple and arts, and steeped in the Buddhist religion. Despite this, the once-civilized society turned to violence and proceeded to destroy itself. People betrayed their parents. their children, and their friends. In the process, they extinguished everything that represented the truth and beauty of Cambodia.

How does an individual withstand such experiences and resume life after having fought for a single grain of rice and witnessed unbelievable cruelties, such as mothers crushing their babies, young children willing to kill for a morsel of food and the entire decimation of normal urban life?

Bamboo Promise is the remarkable and intensely personal autobiography of a woman raised as the sheltered and privileged only child of a prominent Cambodian family. As a young bride, she and her entire family were swept up in the Cambodian genocide of the 1970s. She recounts how she adapted and survived in the harsh killing fields of the Khmer Rouge terrorists in the compelling narrative.

Although the author survived many horrors, Bamboo Promise is not a horror story. It is the story of the evolution of a human spirit as she endured a tumultuous upbringing and unspeakable tragedy. The insight into life after Pol Pot's defeat and Cambodia's subjection by the communist Vietnamese are particularly unique. Bamboo Promise is also a story of hope, as she found lasting happiness in the United States.”


The film ' The Missing Picture' is coming soon to Tucson, AZ, on May 28, 2014 at 7 :00 PM.

Vicheara Houn will be there to meet you and answer your questions.



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